We recommend that a professional tile installer be used to install our product. Use a latex-modified thin-set mortar such as TEC 393 or like material. Under no circumstances should a pre-mixed latex/grouting product be used. Other applications, such as molding for a wooden counter top, will require construction adhesive or an epoxy ( LATICRETE 310 works great!). Small amounts of hot glue plus the adhesive works best. The hot glue holds the piece in place until the adhesive sets up. For fire surrounds where the tile is to be applied on the surface of the brick, we recommend a high temperature Silicone adhesive with the hot glue technique. For setting in stone, we recommend high temperature brick mortar. We do not recommend that the bronze tile be installed inside the firebox; only the outside surround should be decorated.



You can use sanded grout with our tiles, but please be aware that the patina (oxidation) and colored wax sealer can be removed if you are not careful. Use lots of water and a soft sponge to remove grout. If grout gets into the detail of the bronze tile, be gentle in rubbing it out, especially with sanded grout, as the patina can be removed by vigorous rubbing. Use a small brush, such as an old toothbrush, and lots of water. Do not use any solvent based cleaner, ever. This will remove the oxidation (patina).


Bronze is a soft metal, comprised primarily of copper. Thus, our tiles may be cut with a hack saw, jig saw (saber) or band saw, using a bi-metal blade. Please use a fine grade file to finish off the cut.

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