Our tiles are made from recycled copper obtained from the auto and electrical industries. We melt this pure form of copper and add a few other ingredients, including recycled silicon chips from computers, to create our Silicon Bronze alloy. This process allows us to tightly control the quality of our metal. After casting, any leftover alloy is remelted in the next pot of metal. Nothing is wasted or thrown away.


Our molds are made of green sand – a mixture of fine silica, western bentonite and water. After the metal is poured into these molds, the sand is shaken apart and rehydrated to be used again in the next mold.

Our tiles are cast and finished in the USA, minimizing transport and fuel costs.

Lastly, these bronze tiles give off no emissions or VOC’s, are unbreakable and will last forever. Or, although we don’t like to think that anyone would ever want to dispose of them, they can be recycled!

Happy greening!