All bronze will age or mellow with time. The use of a white scotch bright hand pad, available at most auto supply stores, will polish the highlights of the tile and return them to their original brightness. To preserve the color (patina) of the tile, you must periodically wax your bronze. You may do this as often as you like, or let the tiles age naturally for an older look. We recommend using a neutral wax as a preservative. Kiwi shoe polish is a very good and hard wax. With a cotton rag, sparingly apply the polish to the surface of the tile, making sure to get into the detail. Allow to completely dry — no more greasiness — then rub with a clean, soft cloth to shine. NEVER USE ABRASIVE OR SOLVENT CLEANERS on the bronze, as this will remove the patina. Use a soft sponge and water only if absolutely necessary to clean.