About Patina

Patina refers to the process of aging. A surface oxidation takes place when oxygen reacts with the metal and it begins to mellow and darken in the case of bronze. When exposed to the elements, it turns green – copper salts form on the surface. This process can be controlled to create a wide variety of color.

At Metaphor, we use a casting and patina processes that date back to the Renaissance. We press our patterns in Green Sand and pour molten metal into the molds. Then the raw castings are chased and polished to a natural luster, as in the photos above, before the patina color is applied. We do not use commercially available cold brown/black patina chemicals which is why we have the most varied colors in the art tile world. We patina our tiles using the traditional hot-torch method and unique, proprietary patina recipes that we have developed. Our patinist heats the tile with the torch and applies the patinas to the oxidizing bronze, coaxing the color to the desired hue. This artisanal method allows us to create a wide and luxurious color palette. The tiles are then sealed with a custom blend of waxes, including Carnuba, one of the hardest waxes nature provides, which acts as a preservative.

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